Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations

Claire Born macht Trending Topic erfahrbar

Turning theoretical concepts into tangible experiences

I am passionate about the very moments, when people start putting their strategies, plans and ideas into practice. In these very moments it becomes clear, whether one has talked about the same thing all along or not. To me, good communication means approaching common goals and concepts in iterative loops. I am specifically interested in so-called „trending topics“ such as Diversity, Jobsharing, Holacracy, or Digitalisation. I contribute to a better understanding amongst teams and organisations by taking these concepts and goals and making them available on a more tangible level. 

My Guiding Principles

  • The customer knows best: All you need is already there. I help you uncover this treasure within your team or organisation.
  • As a facilitator I take responsibility for the process, not for the results.
  • There is no ultimate method. 
  • I like working with other talented people – on the customer’s and on the facilitator’s end
  • I believe devoutly in Jobsharing: Two facilitators = more focus and competence for the group and the process
  • If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable.

What I contribute

  • More than three years experience in working in communication and management consulting.
  • Continuous training and development in Design Thinking, Hogan Leadership Assessment, Team Management Profile, Betzavta, Dragon Dreaming, Theory U, etc.
  • I co-run a regular learning exchange for facilitators in Berlin.

  • More than six years of working experience in project management, communication, workshop design and facilitation.
  • I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Psychology (Heidelberg).
  • I also work in political youth education and with refugees.
  • I initiated and co-run the workshop series „Eine Arbeitswelt, wie sie uns gefällt“.