Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations

Ich unterstütze Menschen und Organisationen dabei, ihre Visionen und Werte zu entdecken, zu verstehen, zu kommunizieren und gemeinsam umzusetzen.

understanding visions and values

I am fascinated by what inspires people to change something. And I believe that we need to understand what inspires us and others if we want to change something. That is why I support people in discovering what moves them, what they are enthusiastic about, what drives them. I help them communicate openly about those things in order to collaborate and learn from each other.

My guiding principles

  • I won’t tell you what is good and bad, but instead offer you tools with which you can find out what you consider good and bad.
  • I follow a consistent approach, but I tailor activities for every customer individually.
  • I like simple language.
  • I learn from you as much as you learn from me.
  • I like cooperating with colleagues.
  • I try to make my involvement superfluous.
  • I like humour.

What I contribute

  • Five years of working experience as a consultant, facilitator and trainer.
  • Continuous training and development, e.g. in Socratic dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U, Nonviolent Communication, Visualising, Design Thinking
  • I co-run a regular learning exchange for facilitators in Berlin, in cooperation with Wigwam, a communication agency.

 My references

  • More than three years of working experience in communication and project management as well as in youth and adult education.
  • I hold a Magister (Master equivalent) degree in philosophy and art history (Berlin and Cape Town).
  • Long-term experience in working with people with disabilities.
  • Working languages: German and English.

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