Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations


What I did: Supported the multi-stakeholder-group and the national secretariat in developing a communication strategy for the transparency initiative.

How I did it: Designed and facilitated workshops and interviews. Developed and wrote the strategy document.

What inspired me: The diversity in perspectives.

das finanzkontor

Maren Drewes konzipierte und moderierte einen Strategietag für das Finanzkontor

What we did:  Supported the team in developing a compass of values and discussing current areas of tension.

How we did it: Designed and facilitated a team weekend.

What inspired us: The organisation’s willingness to reflect and change.

Schüler helfen Leben

What we did: Supported a committee in merging intermediate results into a core brand.

How we did it: Designed and facilitated a one-and-a-half-day workshop.

What inspired us: The participants’ engagement with the organisation.


Maren Drewes unterstützte die Kommunikationsberatung Wigwam bei der Entwicklung eines Wirkunsgmodells

What we did: Supported the participants in learning how to communicate clearly – as an organisation as well as within the team.

How we did it: Designed and facilitated two introductory workshops in critical thinking and about how to deal with unconscious assumptions.

What inspired us: The participants’ interest in issues beyond their daily operations.