Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations

Maren Drewes - Training Kritisches Denken lernen in Berlin

Learn Critical Thinking in Hamburg

In this training you will learn…

  • what critical thinking means and how it can substantially improve daily business in your organisation
  • how you and your team can communicate more effectively and collaborate more successfully
  • how you and your team can think with less bias and make more well-grounded decisions.

You belong in the training if…

  • you have noticed that you or your organisation have a hard time describing what your work is really about in a few clear words
  • you spend a lot of time trying to clarify misunderstandings or if you have difficulties getting the kind of information you need from your colleagues
  • you realise that strategic decisions repeatedly come to nothing because you have overlooked important points.

Insight into the workshop programme

  • What is critical thinking?
    A short introduction into this skill will give you an overview of what critical thinking has to offer and how you and your organisation will benefit from it.
  • Critical thinking in communication
    In the first part of the training, you will learn how to identify vague terms, such as “sustainability” or “efficiency”, and how to define and effectively communicate them within and outside your organisation.
  • Critical thinking in strategic planning
    In the second part of the training, we will explore different possible ways to analyse information, draw conclusions and make decisions. In particular, you will learn how to uncover hidden assumptions and consequently think with less bias.
  • Application to participants’ current problems
    During the training, you will repeatedly have the opportunity to apply your new skills to your current challenges at your organisation. So please feel welcome to bring your individual company questions and issues to this training.

Workshop fees

We offer 10 spots per training:

  • 250€ (excl. tax) for employees of organisations
  • 200€ (incl. tax) for employees of non-profit organisations
  • We also offer sponsored participation. Please contact me with your request if you cannot raise the training fee completely.

Request an offer now via email (subject: Training in critical thinking) to