Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations

Maren Drewes - Training Kritisches Denken lernen in Berlin


The twenty-first century presents us with an unmanageable flood of information, complex relationships and rapid changes. In order to form a balanced view, make well-informed decisions and develop effective strategies, people working in organisations in all sectors have to understand their own perspective and learn how to integrate the perspectives of their stakeholders.


This training is for you if…

  • you have noticed that you or your organisation have a hard time describing what your work is really about in a few clear words
  • you spend a lot of time trying to clarify misunderstandings or have difficulties getting the kind of information you need from your colleagues
  • you realise that strategic decisions repeatedly come to nothing because you have overlooked important points


This is how it works

  • In a preliminary briefing, we discuss which challenges you would like to address with critical thinking and which workshop modules will be most beneficial for you.
  • We facilitate the tailored day-long training in your organisation. You receive a workbook with the content of the seminar and a certificate. If needed, we can organise an external space.
  • About a month after the training, we send the participants an email with exercises that allow you to further practice the content of the modules you chose.
  • About two months after the training, we offer a two-hour follow-up session in order to discuss all questions that might have arisen in the meantime. Instead of a personal meeting, you can also choose individual telephone coaching sessions for the participants.



  • What is critical thinking?
    A short introduction to this skill will give you an overview of what critical thinking has to offer and how you and your organisation will benefit from it.
  • Critical thinking in communication
    In this module, you will learn how to identify vague terms, such as “sustainability” or “efficiency”, and how to define and effectively communicate them within and outside your organisation.
  • Critical thinking in strategic planning
    In this module, we will explore different possible ways to analyse information, draw conclusions and make decisions. In particular, you will learn how to uncover hidden assumptions and consequently think with less bias.
  • Critical thinking in your operational business
    We apply critical thinking to the individual challenges of your organisation and find out how critical thinking can most improve you day-to-day work routine.



  • “A very catchy, inspiring and practice-oriented workshop. We received tools that can be immediately applied in meetings, in briefings with clients or when reading or designing communication material or campaigns.”
  • “I gained an even deeper understanding of how communication can go wrong due to hidden assumptions regarding the basic underlying concepts.”
  • “I can take something with me from all modules of the training. I will apply critical thinking in my personal as well as work life by reflecting on my modes of thinking, and especially by making the space to question my assumptions.”
  • “The exercise brought a pleasant dynamic to the group. I take a lot from this training. I’m positively surprised at how many of these new approaches are viable for our company.”
  • “The training was extremely relevant to my daily work. Especially in the area of leadership development.”


Contact us via email or phone in order to request an offer, ask a question or discuss particulars.