Maren Drewes

Critical Thinking for Organisations

Ich unterstütze Menschen und Organisationen dabei, ihre Visionen und Werte zu entdecken, zu verstehen, zu kommunizieren und gemeinsam umzusetzen.

Critical Thinking for Organisations

We support you in communicating more effectively and collaborating more successfully. Our approach: we help you challenge your own perceptions, think more precisely, and feel clearer.

Our services

Consulting, facilitation, and training

In conversations, workshops and seminars in Berlin and elsewhere, we search for concepts, visions, principles, opinions, associations, arguments, and decisions.

Our references

Understanding Visions and Values

As mediators of perspectives, we advise and support organisations in developing their ideas, vision and mission statements, guiding principles and strategies. As detectives of perception, we teach the skills that are necessary to discover, communicate and implement your own vision and values.

Our team